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Ordering from Mexican Restaurants with Style

In this contemporary time, we are showered with lots of options when planning to eat out and one of the fastest growing choices are Mexican restaurants. Given the influx of immigrants across the globe, it’s easy to find Mexican restaurants near you which is run and managed by real Mexicans, decorated with big panama hats and several other cultural pieces.

So when you come up to a decision of trying out some Mexican foods, you should know how to order from their menu and on what to choose. Yes it is true that Mexican foods have a name for being spicy, you’d be glad to know that there are many other dishes you can choose.

As an appetizer, you can order nachos together with melted cheddar cheese and sour cream or guacamole as your side dish. These just taste wonderful and you can have it served on your preference by getting a bed of lettuce or even have some chili con carne to bring in some spiciness to your food. In the event that you can’t handle too much spice, then it will be recommended that you ask the server to add no jalapeno peppers hidden in the meal. This wonderful appetizer makes a great centrepiece on your table and something to nibble while waiting for the main course.

One of the all-time main courses ordered on Mexican restaurant has to be the crispy chicken fajitas. This is served in a sizzling iron pan and the chicken strips are then sprinkled with spices and also served on your table that’s mixed with green and red peppers. Believe you don’t, you’ll drool over this food just after smelling it from the frying pan. The reason why there are many people who prefer this dish is that, it allows you to make your own fajitas from lettuce, chicken, sour cream, lightly grated cheese and tortilla wraps. The dish is not hot and it is perfect as well for kids who want to build their own dinner.

Mexican foods, as what mentioned have a name for being spicy and if you want to try some spicy dishes, then the hot chilli con carne would be a great start. On the other hand, if you like to explore and see how you can handle the spiciness, you might want to try either enchilada or hot and spicy burrito that’s cooked to meet your preference and has enough amount of spice for you to handle.

Of course, one ingredient that you’ll find in various Mexican foods which make their dishes extra hot and sought after is the jalapeno chilli peppers. If you are brave enough to order this as a side dish to your meal, make sure to get cool coronita with slice of lemon to wear off its spiciness.

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